Wine is a huge part of Spanish culture, and although most people think of wines produced in the north of Spain, Andalusia is quickly becoming a hub of unique, delicious wines for you to enjoy.


We love cooking classes to help understand a culture and its food on a deeper level, and with all the great food here in Andalusia, Seville is the perfect city to test your skills in the kitchen.


“Duende” (duːˈɛndeɪ) noun: A quality of passion or inspiration, a spirit. It can be difficult to find authentic places to see flamenco in Seville.


The surf in Andalucia is mainly centred on the coastline of ¨La Janda¨ in the province of Cadiz. Extensive, white sandy beaches face west out into the Atlantic, but Portugal’s Cabo St Vincent creates a swell shadow, so deep low pressure systems on southerly trajectories are required to generate Andalusia’s surf.


Andalucía is a birdwatcher’s paradise and attracts ornithologists throughout the year. The best time of the year, however, is during the spring, as this is when you can see many wintering species, together with those arriving for the summer months.


Canyonig is a real adventure in the rough nature. Discover the secrets of canyoning in ANDALUCIA.