who is Pepe?

Who is Pepe?

I was born and raised in Seville, and I adore my city. After spending years working as an electrical engineer I decided it was time for a change. Nowadays, I like travelling, being with my friends, meeting new people, enjoying good food, drinking fine wine.. in short, the good life.
To help others enjoy the good life, I started Seville by Pepe – bringing authentic tours and services in Seville to people from all around the world, and I love it!

If you’re interested in visiting Andalusia and you’d like to spend time in my city like a local, I’m your man…I can help you with everything…. from a place to stay, to the weirdest request you can think of. I’ll do my best to make your visit a unique experience.


If you’re looking for a place to stay, check out my Airbnb profile here: Pepe in Airbnb.

I’m now proud to have achieved the status of Airbnb Superhost and have a variety of vacation rentals throughout the city.


Come on, Enjoy Sevilla! Questions?
Send me a message.